Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer's Almost Over?

Here is somewhat of an overview of my summer. It has been great and too fast and I can't believe it's almost over!

I got a job at Celebrity Cafe and Bakery at the Harbor in Rockwall, and have spent a great deal of my summer inside this store! It's a great job though! The people I work with are great. I am a cashier and will come back to work here at Christmas time. I love it! :)

Whenever Chrystal was in town we always spent time together, but she spent the majority of the summer in Lubbock this year.

When Julia and Jordan were in town, I went to a couple of Braves games with them and Jordan's family and parts of our family. It was fun! :)

Julia and Jordan

My boyfriend, Matt and Me

Marshall, Jennifer, and Dad

These sweet boys have also been a big part of my summer.

Taylor will be five in about a week, I can't believe he is getting so old and big!

Marcus turned one in March, and is bigger every time I see him!

Aren't they both just so adorable?

I spent the Fourth of July with Chrystal and Matt.

We tried to watch the Firewheel fireworks from a parking lot in Sachse, and didn't end up getting to see much at all, so we entertained ourselves by taking pictures. Here a just a couple of them. :)

Now, I only have a week left of work, and then I'm going to pack everything up and move back to Lubbock. This year I will be living in an apartment with my friends Chrystal, Andi, and Melanie. It should be a lot of fun. I'm moving in on August 11th and I can't wait to start my sophomore year at Texas Tech. :)

Roomates. :)