Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Car!

Matt's car had some serious problems on the way to Dallas from Lubbock for Christmas break. It broke down in Abilene. Luckily, he has some great cousins who took him in for the night and I was able to go pick him up the next day! His car was done for, so we had to get a new one during the break! We went to six different dealerships and looked at countless cars online and finally ended up with this one! It's an 06 Nissan Sentra, and we are so grateful that we were able to buy it!


 This is a typical afternoon at the Hervey's with all the boys! :-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Abbi's 9th Birthday!!

Abbi turned nine and we all went to lunch to celebrate! I met Abbi when she was only six years's so hard to believe that she is already nine!!! 

Matt took a long lunch and surprised us all!! 
 Birthday wishes!!
 Birthday presents!!
 Jenna and Abbi
 Abbi and Tia Pat
 Kelly, Abbi and Mike
 Aunt Eva, Abbi, and Grandma
 Abbi and G-Mom
 Abbi and Laura

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Craft Time

We did some Christmas crafts with the boys during our break!

 These door hangers were Christmas presents for their parents!

 Taylor painted the nativity on this one!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Trains at Northpark

A few days after Christmas, Mom, Julia and I took Taylor, Marcus and Claire to see the trains exhibit at Northpark. I've never been there, it was REALLY neat!! 

The kids waiting by the door for us to be ready to leave!
 My favorite boys!!

 It's so detailed!
 There was a train for Claire! :)
 I loved the Washington D.C. section!!
I thought it was hilarious that there was a McDonald's!

 Claire and Julia!
  The boys with the Reunion Tower!
 Downtown! The building with the clock on it is where Matt will be working this summer!
 Fair Park!

 We had a good time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas was just so much fun!! Having the entire Hervey family together is such a treat!! Taylor, Marcus, and Claire all really enjoyed their stuff from Santa! It is just so fun to watch it all!! 

We always all go into the living room at the same time...waiting is so hard! :)
 Marcus could have gotten nothing but this scooter and he would've been happy all day!
 He got a trunk full of Lincoln Logs!!!

Taylor's stocking was full of highlighters and pens! I'm pretty sure they were his FAVORITE gift!! He immediately counted how many he had of each color! (He asked Santa for 4 of each, I guess he was good this year!)
 He is just so darn cute!!
 It was cold, but the boys played for a few minutes!
 Matt LOVED Taylor's circuit game!
 The traditional Christmas morning breakfast: cinnamon rolls and sausage freezies. Yum!

 Claire woke up later than the rest of us!!
 This is the gift I made for Julia.
 And Jennifer's present!
 Matt's NorthFace jacket from my parents!
Christmas was a day filled with countless blessings, as usual. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and for our Savior, Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate on this day.