Friday, October 31, 2014

Snapshots of Life with Belton

Loving his new choo-choo pajamas! 
Dr. Belton made an appearance at a Halloween party. The kids loved all of the doctor tools!
 Despite how they look here, these three boys had a blast at the park together one morning!
And finally, a Krispy Kreme afternoon snack with friends!

Halloween 2014

 Happy Halloween!

Belton had a blast and even figured out how to blow his train whistle while I was taking these pictures of him!

At our ward's Trunk or Treat, we got to go inside and Belton colored some....
 ...which as usual turned into him asking us to trace his hand!
Belton had fun doing the cupcake walk, although the only part of the cupcake that he wanted was the M&M on top! 

We also got a family picture in the photo booth.
 Then we -finally- headed outside and Belton got to trunk or treat again. He would walk up to people saying "treat" and getting candy. First stop was to Daddy! 

 As usual...the lollipop was all that mattered!

 Some of Belton's princess friends, Ava and Lydia.
My friend, Danielle got these great pictures of our little Train Conductor!

 Halloween 2014 was a success!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trunk or Treat in College Station

 While we were in College Station for Craft Week, we got to tag along and go to their trunk or treat, too! 

This was Belton's first time to wear his Train Conductor costume and he was super excited about it! 

He's looking at himself in the mirror in the following three pictures, fyi.


 Claire the "scary ghost" and Belton the train conductor.

 Dayton the puppy!

 Once he got that sucker, nothing else mattered!

 Poor Julia. As I said, "motherhood is trunk or treating with one bare foot because your daughter's flip flop broke when you got there and you gave her yours."
 Fishing for treats!
We had fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Craft Week!

This year instead of Christmas in July, Julia and I had Craft Week at her house in October. Her (very crafty) sister in law, Mel joined us! She was a huge help!

Julia took pictures of her kitchen each document the disaster zone! 

Belton had lots of fun playing with Claire and Dayton and their cousins.
I think he was missing his he made his own! 
Here's what I made: wood slice ghost, wood slice apple, wood slice pumpkins, fall leaf luminaries, rustic star, snowmen muffin tin, glittered light bulb ornaments, candy cane striped candlesticks, winter luminaries and a cinder block present. Whew! It was a fun -and BUSY- week!
By the time we were supposed to leave, Belton was completely worn out! I had to wake him up from a long nap to put him in the car!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


 Belton has started becoming a good little helper in the kitchen lately!
He helped me make banana bread.

 "One more!"