Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Craft Week!

This year instead of Christmas in July, Julia and I had Craft Week at her house in October. Her (very crafty) sister in law, Mel joined us! She was a huge help!

Julia took pictures of her kitchen each evening...to document the disaster zone! 

Belton had lots of fun playing with Claire and Dayton and their cousins.
I think he was missing his choo-choos...so he made his own! 
Here's what I made: wood slice ghost, wood slice apple, wood slice pumpkins, fall leaf luminaries, rustic star, snowmen muffin tin, glittered light bulb ornaments, candy cane striped candlesticks, winter luminaries and a cinder block present. Whew! It was a fun -and BUSY- week!
By the time we were supposed to leave, Belton was completely worn out! I had to wake him up from a long nap to put him in the car!

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