Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fun with Friends

This week, Belton and I went to Grapevine Mills mall with Lydia, Otto and Meredith. We branched out and had lunch at Rainforest Cafe. It was fun, and definitely interesting!

Belton was asleep when we got there, but when we woke up he just kind of stared around at everything in awe.

Later in the week, my mom and I went to lunch with her sweet friend, Kennye.We had a great time and Belton just loved being in Kennye's arms!

GG's House

We had a great time at GG's house! And we took plenty of pictures to document it!

Belton's getting to be a good little stander!

Belton got lots of love and snuggles from several family members!
Grandmom, of course!

My cousin, Ashley

My cousin, Bec



We also got to meet my cousin's sweet baby, Evan. He was born just four weeks after Belton. It will be so fun when they are running around and playing together! 
Here is Evan, Andrew, Laura and Belton

Angie and Evan

My Aunt Debbie and her grandson, Evan!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Gift for GG

My Grandmom now goes by GG for her great-grandchildren. (To eliminate confusion, since my mom and aunts are "Grandmom" to their granchildren!) My great cousin Andrew had this awesome idea for a Christmas gift for her. After taking the pictures for the project, I was so glad to see the final product when we were at her house! What a neat gift! These are all of her great-grandchildren.Thanks for facilitating this Andrew!

Playing in the Backyard at GG's

After Claire's birthday party, we all headed down to Houston to go to my Grandmom's house to visit with family. My Uncle Glenn and his family were in town from Maryland, so we had a great time being able to see them! (more on that later) Claire and Marcus had a BLAST playing in the backyard at GG's house. I remember playing on this jungle gym when I was a little girl! I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

 Claire, Julia, Marcus and Marshall
 Julia and Claire also had lots of fun spinning! I love these sweet pictures!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Last Thursday we went to Matt's dad's baseball game. His team was playing Matt's uncle's baseball team, so it was brother vs. brother. We had a good time! :)
Tia Pat fed Belton his bottle
Papaw saying hi to Belton between innings!
 Sweet Emma was asleep when she got to the  game!
 We spent some time in the car with Grandma to stay out of the cold!!
 Saying hi to Papaw after the game.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fort Worth Zoo!

Last week, Belton and I met Lydia, Chris, Otto, Meredith and Matt for lunch during Chris and Matt's lunch break. It was a fun lunch!

Towards the end, Lydia asked me if I was going to hang around in Fort Worth and pick Matt up from work (so he wouldn't have to ride the train). I hadn't really thought about that, but thought, sure why not? So, she suggested that we wives and kids go to the zoo while the daddies continued their work day (sorry dads!). It was a great idea, and we had a blast!!
 Belton slept through a couple of chunks of the zoo. He wasn't too enthralled!
 Otto, on the other hand, LOVED all the animals! So cute!
 The monkey was playing when we saw him, so cool!
 Owl (G-Town!)
Lion- we even got to hear him roar! It was pretty cool!
 Giraffes (my favorite!)
 Orangutan (I had no idea it was spelled that way!)
One thing I love about Lydia is that she just knows that some moments need to be Belton's first time to ride in the stroller like a big boy! She took a picture without me even having to ask! Thanks Lydia!
 Otto is so sweet with Belton!
 He entertained him...
 ...and even tried to give him a hug! Cute boys!
 Sleeping Belton with the turtles and fish!

These are our attempts at getting a picture of the three kids. Belton and Meredith were sleeping, and Otto was as cute as ever!
 We had a great time at the zoo, thanks for the suggestion Lydia! We love hanging out with you guys! :)