Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hannah's Birthday!

On Hannah's birthday, I drove up to Norman to visit her! She and Nathaniel had the day off and I was so excited to get to spend the day with them! I left Belton with my mom and hit the road early while he was still sleeping.We visited at their house for awhile before heading to a delicious lunch! Then we went to see Monster's University at the MOST AWESOME movie theater EVER! :-) I'm kind of a fan, can you tell?
  The Moore Warren Theater is in Moore, Oklahoma that was so violently hit by the tornado recently. Thanks to the theater's owner, it was built to withstand storms and tornados since he knew he was building it in tornado alley. It was in almost perfect condition still! 
The really neat thing about this movie theater is that the theaters have balconies where people 21 and older can go to watch the movies. The seats are huge, have warmers and a call button to get a waiter to come take your order from their full service restaurant and get service throughout the movie. Plus, they only play three previews before the feature presentation begins (Matt wouldn't love that part!). Seriously, it's the best. place. ever. They even have chocolate mints for you when you leave! And the movie was just adorable too!!! :-)

Then we headed to Bricktown in Oklahoma City. We walked around and enjoyed the sites!
Nathaniel works on the Water Taxi there, so we got a fun free ride. The Water Taxi Ambassador (Nathaniel's friend) even got the whole boat to sing happy birthday to sweet Hannah!
 We enjoyed some neat artwork during the ride.
 These statues are just beautiful. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of all of them!
 Finally, we headed to a tapas restaurant for dinner, yum!
And it was perfect because it left us enough room for dessert from a great bakery before I headed home! Thank you, Hannah and Nathaniel for letting me come and play with y'all! I had a blast!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day, dads!!

I am so grateful to Matt for being such a wonderful, loving, attentive and happy father and husband. He is so great with Belton and it is obvious that Belton just adores him! He lights up as soon as he sees Matt after a long day at work. It is just adorable. Thanks for all that you do, Matt!!
 Belton giving Daddy a kiss! Such a sweet new skill!
I am incredibly grateful for my dad and all that he has taught me and done for me. He is a very generous, loving guy and I have great memories of Saturday mornings, making pancakes/waffles/biscuits with him, our trip to Colorado that included many other states and lots of fun experiences, learning SAT words by going through flashcards together on that trip (when I was 11), walking around the yard and helping/watching him do various tasks, and him always being there to support me in everything from my soccer games as a kid, to my college choir concerts. Thank you, Padre!!
 I love this one because you can see Belton's two little teeth!!
I am also grateful for Mike, Matt's dad. Matt's not here for me to get a list of memories from him right now, but I know that Matt appreciates all that Mike has taught him. I am grateful that he raised Matt to be a good, loving man.
 On Father's Day we went over to the Hervey's and spent the evening with them. Mom made bananas flambe because it's Dad's favorite and we have never tried making it at home before!
  Marcus swam a little bit, and even asked to have his picture taken!
 And the boys hung around in the living room while Mom and I cleaned up from dinner!
 Happy Father's Day! I hope Matt and Dad enjoyed their chocolate mustaches! :-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome to the World, Lillian Ruth!

We have a new niece! Lillian Ruth Hervey was born on Saturday morning at 4:47 am after a long, difficult pregnancy for her sweet mama! She is 6 lbs. 15 oz., 19 in. long and all kinds of beautiful!!
 Aunt Laura with Lillian
 Uncle Matt with Lillian
 We went and saw her about 12 hours after her birth, and she was SO awake and alert!
 Just precious!!
 Grandmom holding her fifth sweet grandbaby!
Marcus holding his baby sister!
 Daddy with his new baby girl.
We are so glad that you are here safely and can't wait to watch you grow, little one! Welcome Lillian! We love you already!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Golf Day

On Saturday, Matt went to play golf with his friend Chris and Belton and I stayed and played with Lydia and their sweet kiddos!

Belton really enjoyed having some new toys to play with, he even got handy with the screwdriver! :)
 And he definitely enjoyed sitting up on this motorcycle, too!
 Matt and Chris had a good time, and luckily they took a picture for me. Here it is, Matt's first golf game!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Week

Last week we were busy! On Tuesday, Belton and I went to see, Grandma, Aunt Abbi, G-Mom & G-Dad in the morning before going to lunch with Chrystal. Belton was standing so well (with help) that they decided it was time to put him on "the door". 

The pantry door at G-Mom's house has all of the grand-kids' heights on it as they grew. I am even on there a couple of times! Belton is just about the same height that his Aunt Abbi was at 8 months old!

I also discovered that Belton's new favorite book is this one! He LOVES feeling the soft spots (the dog's ear, the cat's fur, etc.) and now feels for those things on just about every page of every book we read! Thanks Aunt Julia & Uncle Jordan!

Wednesday was a BIG day for our little guy! He was napping in his crib and somehow figured out how to get into a sitting position all by himself! I walked into the room to get him up, and found him like this! Belton was SO proud of himself. It was adorable!! He also learned how to give kisses on this day! So sweet!!
 We also went and saw Matt's cousin's wife, Jessica and their daughter Abigail. She is just four months older than Belton, so these guys will definitely have fun together when they are a little bit older! When I took this picture, they were babbling back and forth to each other. It was cute!
 My good friend Katie has a pass to the Perot museum and invited Belton & me to join her on Thursday morning! We had a blast! Belton (and Katie's kids) loved playing in the children's area. I was thrilled when she pointed out that they have a baby & toddler area to play in! It is a lot of fun! Belton was entertained for a while, and will enjoy it even more once he can crawl around!

 Belton tried a cracker for the first time this week, too! I was impressed with how well he did eating it. He was happy!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Belton's First Swim!

On Memorial Day, we went over to my parents' house and Belton got to go swimming for the first time! The water was still a little bit cool, so they heated the pool a little. It was great! 
Belton seemed unsure. He wasn't exactly thrilled, but he wasn't upset. He just seemed like he didn't really understand what was going on. But he stayed in for a good little while with us! We had fun!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taylor's Tournament

 We got to go to a couple of Taylor's baseball games last weekend. It was fun!

 Belton and Dad tried to smile for the camera, but then decided that watching the game was more important!
 Taylor even pitched a little bit!

 We hung around and waited during a rainstorm when they covered the mound.
 And then Matt decided he wanted to wear Belton and walk around.
Way to go Taylor! We are proud of you!