Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day, dads!!

I am so grateful to Matt for being such a wonderful, loving, attentive and happy father and husband. He is so great with Belton and it is obvious that Belton just adores him! He lights up as soon as he sees Matt after a long day at work. It is just adorable. Thanks for all that you do, Matt!!
 Belton giving Daddy a kiss! Such a sweet new skill!
I am incredibly grateful for my dad and all that he has taught me and done for me. He is a very generous, loving guy and I have great memories of Saturday mornings, making pancakes/waffles/biscuits with him, our trip to Colorado that included many other states and lots of fun experiences, learning SAT words by going through flashcards together on that trip (when I was 11), walking around the yard and helping/watching him do various tasks, and him always being there to support me in everything from my soccer games as a kid, to my college choir concerts. Thank you, Padre!!
 I love this one because you can see Belton's two little teeth!!
I am also grateful for Mike, Matt's dad. Matt's not here for me to get a list of memories from him right now, but I know that Matt appreciates all that Mike has taught him. I am grateful that he raised Matt to be a good, loving man.
 On Father's Day we went over to the Hervey's and spent the evening with them. Mom made bananas flambe because it's Dad's favorite and we have never tried making it at home before!
  Marcus swam a little bit, and even asked to have his picture taken!
 And the boys hung around in the living room while Mom and I cleaned up from dinner!
 Happy Father's Day! I hope Matt and Dad enjoyed their chocolate mustaches! :-)

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Hannah said...

The picture of your mom cooking is so funny!

Love your sweet family :)