Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend this year was a lot of fun! :-)

On Saturday, our friends hosted a BBQ at their apartment complex's pool. Their complex has this awesome one foot deep part of the pool, where our kiddos could just play and splash around. So fun!
The water was a little chilly, but Belton had a blast!

Saturday evening, Matt and I went on a date. Here we are outside the temple!
And here's a picture of the fun Belton was having without us! :)
On Monday, we went over to Grandmom and Granddad's house for a Memorial Day get-together! But first, we dropped Belton off and Matt and I went to a movie. Two dates in one weekend! Now, that's an AWESOME weekend! :-)
 Look at those cute girls!

Then we had a fun day with almost all of the Hervey clan. We were just missing the Coopers!
 I don't even know how many pieces of watermelon Belton ate. Four or five maybe?

We went swimming in the (heated) pool, and by the afternoon it had gotten so cool outside that most of the adults were either by the fire pit or in the hot tub!
 Then Grandmom and Granddad broke out the s'mores fixin's!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Team Tate

Last Friday, Matt and I wore our Team Tate shirts. Tate is Matt's cousin who is our age, married, with a daughter just a few months older than Belton. Tate served in the Army in Afghanistan for about a year from 2012-2013. In February of 2014, he was diagnosed with a stage 3/4 glioblastoma. He had surgery at MD Anderson and has been in a rehab facility. He was transferred to an outpatient facility just this last week. He is doing amazingly well and has a huge group of supporters. I'm so proud to wear this shirt honoring and supporting him and his sweet wife and daughter!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Park Day

 Last week a couple of friends and I got together to visit at one of the parks nearby.
 Belton hadn't been to a park since before his surgery. He had a BLAST!

 I love the silly look on his face in this one!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fort Worth Zoo

Well, my friends Lydia and Alissa texted me within ten minutes of one another asking if I wanted to go to two different zoos during two different weeks! I jumped at the chance to enjoy all of the zoo time we can until it gets so hot outside that I can't stand it! 
So, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo last week with Alissa!
 Belton and Cole are about six months apart and play really well together, lately.
 It is so fun to watch their little friendship grow!
 Belton loved watching the gorillas!
This elephant sat here and played in this water, giving himself a bath while we were watching. It was so cool! He used his trunk and sprayed himself with the water, over and over again.
 Giraffes are my FAVORITE! :-)
 Belton has grown (just a little bit!) since the last time we saw these giraffes!

There are two baby elephants at the Fort Worth Zoo. So sweet to see these (not so little) animals!
This white tiger paced back and forth in front of the window while we were there. Belton waved hi to the tiger!
So close, but yet so far!

 Cole gave me a little grin while Belton was all about the zebras!

We walked all the way to the back of the zoo, and then rode the train to the front! Whoever decided to put that train there was really smart!

 Belton and Cole LOVED riding on the train!
Thanks Alissa, we had fun! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Dallas Zoo!

A couple of weeks ago Lydia invited us to the zoo. When we got there, we sat on the exit ramp for a while in a long line of cars trying to get to the zoo. Belton pointed out the giraffe to me while we were sitting here!
 We headed to the monorail first. Belton was thrilled to be on a "train"!

 We saw some zebras.
 We passed a pretty waterfall.
 Belton waved to the ostriches.
 And pointed at the gorillas.
After the monorail ride, we took a break for a picnic lunch. Then we walked around the other half of the zoo! Belton LOVED climbing on the animals. These kangaroos were fun!
 The tiger was right below us and walked away. Belton waved bye bye to it!
 He had fun climbing on any and all rocks he could find!
 Cute kid, I think I missed the animal when I took that picture? haha
 Belton was KNOCKED out before we got back on the highway. He took an awesome long nap that day!
Thanks for a fun outing, Lydia!