Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival

Last weekend, Fort Worth had an art festival and we decided to go check it out! Matt had watched it be set up all week long from his office. We headed to Oncor first for a tour and an easy place to feed Belton his bottle!
 Belton even got to try on Dad's hard hat!

Then we headed out to the festival. We had a great time browsing all of the art and dreaming of one day buying something for our home from one of the artists!
 The courthouse from the kids arts area. They had TONS of fun crafts to do! I can't wait to take Belton when he is older! (on a weekday!)
 We liked these big sculptures, too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Belton loves...

Belton just LOVES playing in his jumper!

 But he doesn't love carrots so much.
 Luckily, he does love Mom!
 And standing up like a big boy!

 I wouldn't say he loves sweet potatoes...
 ...but I do think he was a fan of being in charge of the spoon!
And I hope he loves messes, because he is already good at making them!

We sure do love our sweet Belton!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

WARNING: Baby Bodily Fluids Discussed

Oh, the joys of motherhood, right? 
This morning, I was blogging and Belton started getting fussy in his jumper, so I went and got him out. It was time to get him dressed for the day and I was already thinking that he might be poopy...but when I picked him up, there was no question! Although I could smell it, I had no idea what awaited me when I unzipped his pajamas!

Now, I'm used to poop up the back. That doesn't even phase me anymore. But poop out the side of a diaper like this was a first for me. As I was wiping him down and trying to clean him up, Belton managed to get his left foot and his right hand both in the stinky mess. So he got a mid-morning bath today, too!

This little experience got me thinking about this picture that I took a couple of months ago. I'm sure I'll enjoy looking back and remembering the little things one day, right? :-)
For now, I just laugh...and make sure I'm stocked up on hand sanitizer!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tummy Time

Sunday evening while Matt and I were both in the kitchen, Belton was playing on his back in the living room. I looked over to check on him a few minutes later and he had rolled over from his back to his tummy! Yay Belton! 

It was a one time event, and I didn't expect him to do it again for days or weeks. However, this morning Belton woke up at 6:30 am. I fed him and rocked him back to sleep before putting him back down in his crib, on his back. Around 9 am I heard a couple of small noises over the monitor, but then I didn't hear anything else. So, I left him there assuming he went back to sleep. Around 10:15 I heard a few more noises, so I went to get him and this is what I found! Belton rolled over onto his tummy this morning! And he didn't seem unhappy about being in that position! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Belton's First Bite!

 Belton got to try baby food for the first time this weekend! We started with green beans.
At first he seemed quite interested...

"This seems cool, what's going on guys?"

A little unsure...
 "Okay, we should try again..."
 "This stuff is nasty..."
 "Mom, please stop!"
 "Come on, help me out Dad!"
Well, I think he had more on his face than in his tummy by the end of this meal! Oh well!
He really didn't like it any more on day two, but he did enjoy holding his spoon!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

College Station

 We had a great time in College Station! Claire LOVES all things baby and had so much fun with Belton. She always wanted to go wake him up while he was sleeping and was thrilled when we would go get him out of his crib. She held him several times and usually asked to have a picture taken while she held him.
 Aunt Julia was a great help and loved on Belton too, of course!

 Claire loves filling Belton's car seat with "babies" who needed to go to sleep or go for a ride.
Thanks for having us, Julia, Jordan & Claire! We had a great time!


We spent most of this last week in College Station with Julia, Jordan and Claire because Matt had a conference to attend at A&M. It was great for me to be able to spend some time with Julia and Claire while the dads were at work! We went to take some pictures in the beautiful bluebonnets one day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Three Beltons

This is my Uncle Glenn holding Belton. My Granddad's name is Belton Glenn Griffin and my Uncle Glenn's full name is Belton Glenn Griffin Jr. So, I decided that we should take a picture of Uncle Glenn holding Belton to get a shot of both Beltons! Marshall was nearby and said that we should go stand by the picture of my Granddad (the original Belton) to get a photo of all three Beltons! I love it!