Sunday, April 14, 2013

Belton's First Bite!

 Belton got to try baby food for the first time this weekend! We started with green beans.
At first he seemed quite interested...

"This seems cool, what's going on guys?"

A little unsure...
 "Okay, we should try again..."
 "This stuff is nasty..."
 "Mom, please stop!"
 "Come on, help me out Dad!"
Well, I think he had more on his face than in his tummy by the end of this meal! Oh well!
He really didn't like it any more on day two, but he did enjoy holding his spoon!


Julia said...

Cute pictures!

Lee Hervey said...

I am laughing out loud while I am looking at these, and I am sympathizing with him at the same time!! I bet it won't take long before he likes it!!