Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we got some maintenance done on my car, met mom for lunch and some shopping and went to see Aunt Chelo at Tia Pat's house. Matt carried Belton around at the mall, and both boys seemed to have a blast with that!
 Chelo met her newest great-great nephew!
 Belton looked so big and cute in his overalls! :)
 Matt danced to entertain Belton in the evening.
And we all went to bed before midnight, because Matt and I try to sleep whenever the baby sleeps! 

Happy New Year! Here's to lots of great things in 2013!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sweet Sweater

 Belton got to wear his sweater to church on Sunday. We took some pictures with our Christmas tree before we took it down!
This sweater was Matt's favorite of mom's shower gifts to Belton. LOVE it!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Abbi's Birthday

 Every year we got to Fuddrucker's for Abbi's birthday lunch. What fun! She sure is growing up!

G-Mom, Tia Pat, and Aunt Abbi had a chance to hold Belton before we put him in the Moby for his naptime!
 Abbi and her birthday cake! I can't believe she's already ELEVEN!
 Tia Pat and Abbi
 Nick, Grandma Nini, and Matt
Abbi with some of her grandparents!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Our traditional Christmas dinner has evolved into our traditional birthday dinner! Most of us kids request dad's chicken fried steak for our birthday dinners, and now we have it on Christmas day! YUM!
This year Claire got in on the cooking action. She LOVES to cook and help in the kitchen. Super cute! She got to pound the meat and put it in the milk. 
 Dad fried it all up, as always!
 We all sat down and enjoyed the meal at the beautiful table!
 Grandmom enjoyed watching a Christmas movie with three of her grandchildren.
 Jordan built us another fire!
 Belton had fun playing with lots of us!
Claire and Julia put together the puzzle that we got Claire for Christmas, while Marcus played games on his new DS nearby!
 And Belton enjoyed wearing lots of different Christmas outfits!

 (The earmuffs were for our adventures in the snow!)

White Christmas!

We were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL white Christmas this year! We all decided to go look at and enjoy the snow, and ended up having a fun snowball fight! Matt was pelting people with the snow! 

Claire was running around picking up snowballs that had been thrown at people already. She kept saying, "I found another one!". It was cute!

We bundled Belton up and took pictures in the beautiful snow!
  He didn't last out there for too long though!

Winter Wonderland.

Christmas Morning

 Marcus and Claire really enjoyed their gifts from Santa! Belton's is in the background of this picture, he didn't even notice it! :) But he'll like it when he gets older.

Look at that adorable outfit!!!

 This is what happens when there are 7 kids and 4 grandkids! Such fun!

 Matt got a couple of new ties!

After we did Santa gifts and stockings, we had our traditional breakfast. Then, we went back to open more gifts. Claire asked if she could go play and Matt said, "no, it's time to open more presents. Don't you want more presents, or are you good with what you got already?" Clarie sweetly responded, "I'm good with what I have already." What a sweet girl!