Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Belton: Two Months

  Belton has changed a lot in the last month! He has learned how to sleep in his rock and play. (thank goodness!) And will sleep for 3.5 hours at a time pretty regularly. (at night) Every once in a while he even gives us a 5 hour stretch! Those nights are wonderful! :) He often giggles in his sleep, it is so cute!!!
He has started some social smiling, which is really sweet! It is wonderful to be able to make your baby smile! Belton also coos and is learning how to use his sweet little voice! 
Belton holds his head up well when we are holding him; people are always commenting on his great head control! 

Belton loves being snug in the moby for his naps. I usually don't mind this, I get some sweet snuggle time with him and get to do things (like blog) at the same time! 

He has become a little bit more of a challenge to put to sleep at night, and sometimes refuses to go with our "bedtime" for him. Last week he just wanted to stay up until 12 or 1 every night! Maybe he got his sleeping habits from me? I was always a night owl...until about two months ago!
Two Months Stats
Weight: 9 pounds, 15 ounces, 25th percentile
Length: 23.25 inches, 55th percentile
Head: 15.25 inches, 25th percentile
 Belton is growing well, he is getting too big for some of his newborn clothes and we are starting the transition into his 0-3 month outfits. I can't believe he gained 2 pounds, 7 ounces in the last month! But he is getting some bigger cheeks and a little bit of meat on his bones. So cute! We're on our last box of newborn diapers before we will make the switch to size one, I guess! This little guy is growing like a weed! 
 Here he is after he finished eating this morning. Asleep and happy. :)

Belton got his first round of vaccinations today at the doctor. Three shots and one oral vaccine. He started crying as the nurse rubbed his legs with the alcohol swab, and just continued once he was given the shots! He did well though and only cried for a few minutes. He fell asleep very quickly in the car! 

We love our sweet baby boy and are just amazed at how quickly he is growing and maturing. He has changed so much already from the newborn we brought home from the hospital and the one month old he used to be! Matt and I are really enjoying our sweet little guy and feel like we're starting to get used to this whole parenting thing! We are so blessed!


Julia said...

I love his smiles!

Lee Hervey said...

He is bigger than the blue elephant now!!