Monday, June 30, 2014

Thursday Evening

When we went back to the hotel, Belton enjoyed some playing time!
Wow- he was high!!!

He also fell in love with this puzzle on our trip!
Our whole group walked over to a restaurant near our hotel for dinner.
I don't remember why they linked arms? :-)
Joshua and Belton
Some pictures of the other table!
I pulled out my phone to take a picture of Grandmom and me and she said, "selfie"! I love it!! :-) 
I'm so grateful to her for making this trip possible for all of us. Thank you, Grandmom!
We went back to the hotel that night and said some goodbyes before we went home on Friday.
I love this of Belton hugging Aunt Janie!

Thursday Monument Tour: Part 2

Once we got going again, the rain subsided for a bit and we went to the World War II Memorial. 
My Granddad Griffin served in the Navy during World War II as a doctor in Okinawa, so this memorial has some extra special meaning to all of us.

Also, my Uncle Jack's dad served in the Army in Italy during World War II. He told us that his dad never talked about the war. But his mom said that it really affected him.

It is a beautiful monument filled with lots of powerful  quotes.


 I love this quote.

 We left the monument got back on the bus to go to the National Museum of American History.

When we arrived at the museum, we learned that there was an event being held there that evening so they were closing early.
Belton wasn't too bummed, because we went back to the hotel early!

Thursday Monument Tour: Part 1

On Thursday morning, we bought tickets and got on a Big Bus Tour. It was a great tour on a double decker bus with commentary about all of the things we were passing. We were also able to hop on and off at the stops whenever we wanted and could go explore more.
 This pretty blue house made me think of Mom!
Belton was very sweet and fell asleep in my arms a few minutes after this. 
 Our first stop was in Georgetown where we went to a couple of shops. I was trying to take a picture of us with the pretty flowers on the light posts along this street...but I failed!
The Lincoln Memorial- from the side
 The Lincoln Memorial

 Abe Lincoln, himself!

 Belton with The National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial.
 Our little family with the Washington Monument
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jack
Aunt Debbie, Mom, Uncle Glenn, Bec, Laura and Uncle Jack
 As always, Belton loved the airplanes!

 Albert Einstein

 Our first view of the White House- from the bus!
The EPA Building
The National Museum of American History
The Capitol
The National Archives 
 We stopped for lunch and then headed out to explore some more and were greeted by RAIN! Aunt Debbie's poncho was big enough to keep her and Mom dry! 
 Bec and I decided to ride on top of the bus in the rain. It was very crowded and stuffy on the bottom level of the bus. We were already wet- so why not?!