Monday, June 2, 2014


Belton and I met some friends at the aquarium last week. Before we went in, he had lots of fun playing on the train and in the boat here! He loved just sitting on it and I was happy to let him! Another (older) kid came and wanted a ride and their parents paid to turn it on. They laughed when I said I was being cheap cause he was just as happy! In fact, I think he liked sitting still more than he enjoyed riding on it!
 Belton couldn't quite figure out this game. He just stood there- with his hands behind his back. Sweet boy!
 Then, we went in the aquarium! Belton was excited to find this tunnel and look a the fish.
 Here, he got a nice view of the eels and stingrays from above!
 This is the closest he came to standing still long enough for a smiling picture.
 Belton and his friends checking out the fish.

 He seemed super pleased with himself because he was up on that little ledge there by the fish!
We all went to the food court in the mall for lunch after the aquarium. After refusing to eat very much and only wanting his milk- Belton fell asleep sitting still in his stroller. Sweet boy!
He even slept through a diaper change in the trunk of the car and took a nice long nap!

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