Thursday, June 26, 2014

The National Zoo

Wednesday morning was graduation day for Bec! But there were a very limited number of tickets to the graduation, so the younger Hervey clan went to the National Zoo in the morning before we met everyone else for lunch to celebrate Bec.
Taylor and Marcus on the Metro
 Matt and Marshall
 Belton, Lilly and Jenn
 First stop: Pandas!!
I'm glad that we got to see a couple of them, since they were pretty much the whole point of us going to the zoo!
Belton slept through all of the pandas and most of the zoo. This was one thing that he actually might have been interested in, so I was a little disappointed. But- he did NOT sleep well the night before and he was he needed the extra rest! 
 Marcus and Taylor with the panda

 Next stop: Elephants!

Silly boys!
We went through this big building that had lots of indoor habitats for the pandas, if they wanted to go inside. There was this amazing panda cam room! (You can watch it online, too!) Look at all of those screens, watching the pandas in the zoo! The people in there had joysticks and were switching from one screen to another and rotating the cameras by using the joysticks to keep up with the pandas as they were moving around.
After the pandas, we walked to the very opposite side of the zoo to see the big cats.
The lion and tiger were both pretty tired from the heat!
After this we had a long, hot hike back up to the gift shop and exit. Whew!

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