Monday, June 23, 2014

Belton's First Flight

We went on an amazing trip to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. Early Monday morning, I went into Belton's room to wake him up while Matt took the last of the luggage to the car.
He was sound asleep, of course! But he was such a sweet guy and a trooper!
While we waited in the very, very long TSA line, Matt softly sang songs to Belton to keep him calm!
On this flight, we were in the bulkhead seat, so we had a great little bit of space in front of us where Belton could walk back and forth. He loved looking out the windows at all of the airplanes.
He was fine during take-off and then just laid down on me. I quietly sang some songs to him and he was asleep! He slept for about the first hour of our flight.
 Later in the flight, Belton loved having some iPad time with Daddy.
Belton and Daddy watched part of Frozen when we got to our hotel that evening. 

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