Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beltonious: 20 Months!

It's crazy to think that our boy is already 20 months old. He's turning into such a little BOY! He's really not a baby anymore. :-(
He loves going to play "awwah" (what? you don't speak Belton's language? that means outside!). Our complex has a sand volleyball court and he has fun taking these sand toys there to play!
Belton has quite a fascination with lining things up lately! He does it and then makes this proud sound and looks at us until we acknowledge how awesome it is that he lined his toys up! The other day he lined two mega blocks up together and started making train sounds! Poor, deprived boy doesn't have a train to play with so he makes his own! ;-)
He still loves this trusty giraffe. It is usually hanging on his wall, but sometimes he asks us to get it down so he can lay on it. I love that he still enjoys it!
Matt and I now understand why Granddad calls all of his grandsons "messer"! He LOVES to make messes!
He is fascinated by hats and usually tolerates having them on his head for a little bit at least.
Belton is silly frequently gets an arm out of his pajamas during the night. Crazy boy!
He still really loves Jesus and will frequently get this book out just to look through the pictures. We frequently teach him a scripture story for FHE by showing him the picture in this book and telling it to him.
Belton is fascinated by dogs and all animals really. He loves pulling this little puppy around!
Belton loves to read books, watch Super Why or Curious George, listen to the FROZEN soundtrack (all the time!), look at airplanes in the sky (this is VERY exciting), go to the park, playing outside, hit us when he doesn't get his way (we're working on it), interact with babies and friends his age, play with Dada and Mama (although Daddy is the definite favorite).
Sweet Belton when he finally got to see Daddy after a long day of asking for him. He just laid in his arms like this for a while. <3

 He is going through a bit of a stranger danger phase right now. Although anyone except Mom and Dad qualify as strangers! He takes a while to warm up to anyone else and usually wants to be in one of our arms, if he can be.
 Belton loves animals and enjoys himself when we get to go to the park with friends.
 He really liked this purple dinosaur!
We love our sweet boy and are so blessed to have him in our family! 

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