Monday, September 9, 2013


Just some pictures of life lately with this little guy!! 

After bath time with daddy!
Eating some of Granddad's homegrown pomegranates. Yum!

Last week we went to Costco and Ikea with our friends Alissa and Cole! Fun!

Our sweet Belton <3

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day

We had a fun Labor Day! Peter had us over for homemade donuts. Powdered sugar, glazed and chocolate glazed! Yum!!
Then we headed to my parents house with Marshall, Peter and their families. Chrystal and Erik came too! Some people swam. Peter cooked up a storm of delicious food, as usual. Belton loved the pool!!
 Chrystal and Erik loved on Belton!
 Belton also loved playing with his truck on the ground. He is getting so big! Marcus and Taylor had fun with Taylor's science motorized vehicle and Lillian enjoyed a nap!
Thanks for letting us use your house while you were in Canada, Grandmom and Granddad!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Last weekend, we joined my brothers and their families and took the train from Grapevine to Fort Worth to go to the Stockyards. It was a lot of fun!

 Belton liked standing in his seat and looking out the window.
 And sweet Lillian grinned for Aunt Laura to take a picture!!
 I think these pictures of him looking out are just so sweet. <3
 Lillian spit up all over Grandma right after I snapped this picture!
 Our train stopped after getting "shot at", and some "robbers" got on!
 Then the Marshal got on and asked Marcus if he wanted to be his deputy. He said "NO!". Funny kid!

 Taylor and Peter
 Belton being a big boy in his seat!
Matt took this one of us walking down the street in the stockyards.
 We all took some pictures in front of this Texas flag.
 Marcus and Taylor were bored, so they started wrestling!

 Peter took all of these wrestling photos just to try to get picture of Marcus with a real smile. He succeeded!
 We got to stay just long enough to watch the cattle drive.

 When we got back to Grapevine, we went to Tolbert's for dinner.
 Belton loves queso!!!
When we went back to our cars, Peter noticed that I had a flat tire. Thank goodness he noticed and stayed to help Matt through the fiasco of changing it and airing up the spare. And thank goodness Marshall and Jennifer took Belton and me home!! Thanks guys!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Belton: Eleven Months

We are just one month shy of this guy's first birthday! I can't believe he is already eleven months old!! Every day he becomes more and more of a little person. We just love him so much!!!
Belton is in 12-18 month clothes and has definitely gained some weight this month. It was overnight! One morning last week I took him out of his crib and was amazed at how much he weighed! Every time I picked him up that morning  I wasn't expecting him to be so heavy! It amazes me how some changes are so gradual and other changes happen in the blink of an eye.
 Eleven Month Stats
Weight: 24 pounds, 5 ounces
Length: 30 inches
6 teeth
I struggled and struggled to get a picture of him lying on the giraffe before he rolled off of it. When I was looking at the pictures on my camera to see if I got any decent ones, he made a sound to get my attention. I looked down at him and he was sitting up and looking at me like this!! He grinned and I snapped this picture. It was as if he was saying "take my picture now, mom!!". So cute!!
 Belton has started developing a little coy personality. Just look at that face!! He clearly understands us most of the time when we are talking to him. He LOVES reading books! As soon as a book is over, he leans over to look at the basket as if he is saying, "read me another one, please!". He is a pro at turning pages too these days! Brown Bear, Brown Bear is his favorite book right now. He will read it over and over again and just loves looking at the children on the last page! Matt has also taught him to say "braaa bahhh" (brown bear) and point to the bear. It is amazing how quickly he learns!
Belton's favorites this month are: playing "I'm gonna get you!" with anyone who will chase after him, walking/cruising, pushing toys around, playing on and climbing boxes, going outside, swimming, bath time, balls, books, cars, showing his tongue, being held and carried around, exploring new places, music of all forms, being sung to, interaction and love of any kind!
Belton's sleep has been interesting this month! He started waking up at night again, about 85% of the time. We usually feed him a bottle and put him back down. We are going to have to do something about that soon! Bath time starts at 8:30 and he goes to sleep around 9 usually. He is generally waking up between 8 and 9 in the morning these days. But his naps have gotten better and better! He finally consistently naps twice a day! Once around 11-11:30 and then again starting between 3 and 4. These naps often last an hour and a half or so. Not always, but often enough to make me really happy! :-)
Belton's new favorite trick is sticking out his tongue on command. We ask him to show it to us and this is what happens!
We love you, little guy!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aquarium with Aunt Abbi

 A couple of weeks ago, before the summer was over Belton, Aunt Abbi and I went to the aquarium!
 We enjoyed looking at all of the different kinds of fish.
 And Aunt Abbi enjoyed touching the star fish and other creatures in this tank!

 Thanks for coming, Aunt Abbi! We had fun with you!