Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! It all started with some sleepy snuggles from this sweet guy! 
Despite the fact that Matt told me on Saturday that "his plan" for Mother's Day was for us to fast until we went to my parent's house for dinner ("because we'll get more blessings!"), he made me pancakes and bacon! Then we got ready, I took a few pictures with Belton and we went to church.
I love this sweet, silly kid!

We came home and I opened some presents. We have already used (and LOVED) those Rachael Ray casserole/serving dishes! Thanks Matt and Belton!
We went to the Hervey's in the afternoon for dinner. Of course the only picture I took there was of the babies eating their dinners next to one another!

 I'm so grateful for my mom and all that the mom's in our lives do for us! <3
And for this sweet baby that made me a Mama!

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