Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Happy Halloween!

Belton had a blast and even figured out how to blow his train whistle while I was taking these pictures of him!

At our ward's Trunk or Treat, we got to go inside and Belton colored some....
 ...which as usual turned into him asking us to trace his hand!
Belton had fun doing the cupcake walk, although the only part of the cupcake that he wanted was the M&M on top! 

We also got a family picture in the photo booth.
 Then we -finally- headed outside and Belton got to trunk or treat again. He would walk up to people saying "treat" and getting candy. First stop was to Daddy! 

 As usual...the lollipop was all that mattered!

 Some of Belton's princess friends, Ava and Lydia.
My friend, Danielle got these great pictures of our little Train Conductor!

 Halloween 2014 was a success!

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