Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surprise "Date Night" Shower!

Wow! Where did the last month go?? I guess it's time to catch up again!!!

Lets start back in April, when Chrystal threw Matt and me a surprise wedding shower. It was so sweet. We went to meet Chrystal and Erik at Chili's for lunch, and she had gathered several of our friends there who gave us gift cards for Date Nights that we were instructed to use during our engagement. What a cute idea! Don't you think? 

The Groom-to-Be and the Bride-to-Be!

The Bride and the Maid of Honor :)

The sweet favors that Chrystal made for us all!! Inside there was a poem, it said:
"It makes me JOLLY,
to know you're mine,
I'll KISS and HUG you,
all the time.
I hope you know,
We're MINT to be together,
it sure does show.
Every day I thank our Creator,
that we'll be together,
Then she filled the bags with Jolly Ranchers, Kisses and Hugs, LifeSavers, Mints, and Now & Laters! It was adorable! 

Matt and I played this game where we had to answer questions about the other person, it was fun!!

I won a prize for winning the game! This has been a great place to keep all of the shower and wedding cards that we have gotten so far, I love it! 

The whole group that could make it! 

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That sounds very fun!