Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ring Ceremony

Matt and I got our Tech rings this week, it was really exciting!

There was a little reception before the ceremony and then it began. Several people talked to us, including the Chancellor. Then we went across the stage and received our rings from him. After we had our rings, we sat down and they explained the meanings of all the details on the rings to us.  

He talked about how when Texas Technological College became Texas Tech University, some people wanted to call it Texas State University. But, the Double T was too strong of a symbol to give up, so went with Texas Tech University instead. This is why the Double T is so prominent on the top of the ring.

Laura's Ring
Matt's Ring
The Administration Building Bell Tower is featured, representing victory and the Spanish architecture of the campus. The Masked Rider is also evident, along with a rendition of the university seal located at the school's Broadway Avenue entrance.

The seal itself features a United States eagle, perched above a book, a star, a key, and a lamp, which are divided by ten bolls of cotton. The book is the symbol for church, and the star represents the State of Texas. The key symbolizes the home, and the lamp represents knowledge. The cotton bolls in between represent Lubbock and the nine surrounding cotton-producing counties.

My Hervey Grandparents met at Texas Tech University, graduated in 1930 and got married that summer before moving to Dallas. Granddad Hervey wore his Tech ring as his wedding ring everyday of his life. I can barely remember him because he passed away when I was three years old. But every time I look at this ring on my finger I not only think of my time at Tech and my generous parents, I also think of Granddad and Grandmother Hervey and the example they set for me. I love that I am following in their footsteps each time that I walk across Texas Tech campus. I have never felt as connected to them as I do here, where their love began, over 80 years ago.


Hannah said...

Love it! I love those moments of connection...funny how sometimes it feels as if the veil thins at the most random moments! Congrats to you and Matt! :D

Julia said...

I love reading about all that history of what different things stand for! And I think it's cool that you think of Grandmother and Granddad when you look at your ring! That's awesome!

Kimball and Marianne Larsen said...

Hello! It's been a while since I've checked your blog! yikes! Congrats on everything. You guys still look happy and so in love! We are doing great out here. We are expecting again and moving to a different house here in a few months, so life never stops for us. I'm glad to catch up with you (except April is still a little behind :). Love your guts!