Thursday, February 28, 2013


This week some friends in our ward and Belton and I went to the Dallas Zoo!! We had a great time! The weather was beautiful, we brought a picnic lunch and saw lots of great animals! 
Our first stop was the elephants!
Then we were off to the giraffes, my favorites!
Some of our friends fed the giraffes so we got to see them WAY up close! So cool!

I love how they have the giraffes below you at this zoo, so they end up at your level.
You can't really tell, but Belton is wearing his giraffe outfit that says "So Big" on it!
Seriously, they are my favorite animals!

Here are some more "Giants of the Savanna". Yay zebras!
We ended up with a group of people who hadn't been to see the giraffes yet, so we went back (oh, darn!). 
 Belton wasn't exactly thrilled about them the second time around though!
I put Belton on this elephant. He wanted to look off into the distance...
Then we ate our picnic lunch and headed to the reptile house. We saw a couple of alligators, even an albino one!
Our last stop was the koalas! Our friend who was with us said that they come to the zoo all the time (they have a family pass) and that they had never seen the koalas awake before! Then the zookeeper walked by and told us that koalas are only awake for 4 hours out of the day. I'm so glad we caught them while they were eating!

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