Monday, May 13, 2013

Claire's Visit

We have had a couple of crazy weeks lately! First, Claire came and stayed with us for a week. We had a great time with her, especially once she got over being sick, poor thing! 
She LOVES playing with all of Belton's animals and often calls them "babies". Pretty much any time Claire was awake, the swing was on with a "baby" in it, covered by a blanket (or burp cloth).
Claire was also a great helper with Belton. Anytime he was sitting and playing somewhere and would start to get fussy, she would quickly bring a toy to him or say "maybe he wants a bottle!". Even when we would sit down to eat a meal at the table, Belton would be playing nearby, and she would say, "when he gets fussy, can you please pick him up?". She's a sweet girl and will be a great big sister one day! :-)

One day, during her nap time I could hear Claire making noises in my bedroom. When I went in there to get her, I saw that she had a fun time with my sock drawer! She is so silly!! 

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