Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Belton Gets a New BOY Cousin!

Julia's sister-in-law (& our family friend) Mel threw Julia a gender reveal party for little Baby Cooper! Mel seriously knows how to throw a party and had everything decorated adorably and had awesome "Dude Food" and "Chick Picks". Yum!
 The lovely hostess, Mel!
 I'm glad Mom, Belton and I were able to make the trip for the party!!
 Check out that family in pink!

We ate yummy food, placed our bets, tallied the guesses, tested out a couple of old wives tales and then it was time for the big reveal....
 Do you think Claire's excited?!?
 What is it?!
 I love this one because of the pure surprise and shock on Julia's face before the rest of us could even see the balloons!
 She shouted, "NO WAY!!!!"
 It's a boy!!!

 Team Pink
 Team Blue
What a fun party!! And how fun for Belton! Taylor and Marcus have each other, Claire and Lillian have each other, and now Belton will have a boy cousin close to his age! :-)

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