Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dayton Bond Cooper

We left Centerville and went straight to College Station so that we could meet this sweet little guy! Julia had Dayton on November 22 and I was anxious to meet him in person!!
 He's awake!
Of course, as soon as people started taking pictures of Dayton, Belton started looking at the camera and flashing some smiles! 

Yes, we still think you're cute even though we're looking at the new baby! :)
 Dayton and Aunt Laura
 Dayton and Uncle Matt
 Grandmom and Aunt Jennifer with the other babies! It was a full room! :-)
 Marcus got to go on a tour of the OR with Uncle Jordan and got this bubble gum mask.
 Lillian and Aunt Laura

 Sweet Dayton!
We slept at a hotel that night, for the first time with Belton. Luckily, we had the iPad, some cookies from the lobby, drinks from the vending machine and lots of pillows and blankets to keep us entertained and comfy as we waited on the floor of the bathroom for Belton to fall asleep before we sneaked into bed!
Sweet Belton on the way home from College Station. Love that hat!

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