Friday, February 28, 2014

More Cousin Fun!

 I loved the beautiful sun rays while I was on my drive to College Station!
Dayton and Belton got acquainted. Belton pointed to Dayton a lot and would say "babah" for baby. He was very interested in Dayton!
In fact, I was amazed when I was holding Dayton while he was crying and trying to calm him down. With no prompting from me, Belton went over to the loveseat and picked up one of Dayton's burp cloths and brought it to me. He's a sweet helper!
I'm pretty sure that Belton spent more time inside this wagon than not! Claire is such a nice big cousin and almost always pushed him around whenever he wanted her to!
 They got to take some baths together. Fun!
 Sweet smiling Dayton!

 Belton climbed up onto the toy chest and onto a kitchen chair for the first time!!

 Claire loved coming with me to get Belton up when he woke up in the morning.

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