Friday, July 4, 2014

Coming Home

We made it to the airport, got on the plane and heard those dreaded words from our pilot, "The bad news is, this plane is broken and we won't be flying to Dallas on it tonight". Great. 

 Luckily Belton was a fantastic little traveler playing in the airport and looking at all of the airplanes with Taylor. And luckily the next day wasn't a work day for Matt. 
Our plane was broken. The other plane we could have flown on was a different model and we didn't have a pilot who was trained to fly it.
After a long, long, LONG wait we finally got our voucher for a hotel room about 15 minutes away. Then we finally made it to the hotel, got in our room and got in a few hours of sleep before getting up early the next morning for our flight! 
I'm pretty sure Belton fell asleep with me before we even took off on this flight. He was a good boy. 
Welcome home! Back to reality!

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