Monday, August 4, 2014

Belton: Twenty-Two Months

Belton spent a lot of this month sick. He had a stomach virus and pneumonia. So it wasn't his happiest month! Poor kid!
 We still had some fun though!
Belton loves the iPad. That was really useful when we were waiting and waiting in the Apple store to get the help we needed! He was easily entertained!
 He loves playing with blankets but this one has definitely become his favorite. I think he is finally attached to something.
 He brings the blanket with him out of his crib and uses it a lot throughout the day!
 He has fun playing the piano and singing!
Belton loves to type and learn more about letters and numbers. He can identify every letter in the alphabet and is happy and excited to do so!
Some nights, he takes his pajama pants off in the middle of the night. Crazy baby!
He "helps Daddy" make popcorn by putting on the oven mitts and shaking the container of popcorn while Daddy shakes the pot of popcorn over the stove.
 He thinks he's big and that he's allowed to use remotes. He's wrong.
Belton looooves watermelon!
 We love our sweet little boy! <3

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