Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Christmas Fun Day: The Trains at Northpark

This year we started a new tradition called "Family Christmas Fun Day"! Matt took a random Wednesday off towards the beginning of December so that we could go do some fun Christmas things with Belton on a less-busy, less-crowded day! 
We got there right at ten when they opened and even waited outside the door for them to open up for the day. It was perfect. We got to see just about everything before it started getting really crowded in there.
 First stop- The Trains at Northpark!
 Belton had already been here with Grandma and Papaw...but he definitely didn't mind going back!
 I have no clue how many times he said "choo-choo!!!!" that day!

 This was my favorite part it's showing The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. So pretty!!
 Fair Park!
 Downtown Dallas- Matt's favorite
 And Matt had me take this picture of Cadillac Ranch for Hannah and Nathaniel. :) And I also love the windmills!
 The National Mall
 And finally....if you look hard enough- you can see Thomas and Percy in this photo. Belton looooved watching those two go around and around!

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