Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Belton: 2 1/3

Belton is growing up more and more each day!
Belton Loves: the park, Daddy, Mama, playing with trains, building temples with blocks, doing puzzles, pretzels, tunnels, listening to music, watching his shows (Veggie Tales and Daniel Tiger are some new favorites), baby Ezra's house, getting the mail with Mama, snuggling with us, seeing and hearing trains go by, reading books (Snuggle the Baby is a current favorite), running outside to watch the garbage truck go by, seeing and hearing planes go by (he always says "plane high sky!!" and points to it.), his tent-house, having us draw pictures of trains, nursery at church (where Mom is now a volunteer!), playing with friends (especially Cole and Brian) and playing outside.
Daddy pretty much has his whole heart! But he likes me a little too. ;-) He does give me great kisses and hugs....frequently just coming up to hug my leg out of nowhere or puckering up and walking over to me. Those are the moments that I wish I could freeze time. They make my heart almost burst out of my chest!
 Belton LOVES story time! We read books, sing songs and then get to do a craft. He got to glue this bear to a Popsicle stick as the craft this day. When he sees a school or a church that look like they could be a library, he says "Mama! Story time!". I love that he loves it.
 This is Belton's tent-house as he calls it. He LOVES to play in it!!!
 Belton has good ears. He hears planes or trucks from inside our house and talks about them. He then frequently points to his ears and says "ear" to tell us that's how he knew there was a plane. I love it.
 He still loves to line up cars to make a big choo-choo.
He's a sweet, tenderhearted boy. He's very good and saying please and thank you! It makes my little mama heart proud! 

He also knows that after we read a scripture story every night, it's time go get on our knees to say a prayer. He does a good job of repeating what we say to say prayers and coming up with some things he's thankful for, too! Last night he said he was thankful for toys and choo-choos. 
 He's a pro at puzzles these days!
Belton is becoming more and more of a little BOY. He now says "play Mama, play Dada" when he wants us to play with him. He'll say, "look Mama- temple!" when he builds a temple. He's proud of the things he does and loves to show them to us.
He says more and more words every day and is making little three and four word sentences all the time now. "uh-oh, car fall down!"
Watching TV in bed with Mama and Dada is a special treat. It often happens on Saturday mornings!
One thing we've been working on with him is saying "no thank you" instead of "no way!". During this transition he often says, "no way thank you mama!" or he's even said, "no thank you way mama!". It cracks me up!
I love this sweet boy of mine. I'm so grateful to get to spend my days with him...and I'm so grateful when Matt gets home every night! Belton is such a blessing and I am so grateful that he is a member of our little family. It's so fun to watch him grow and develop.

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