Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flag Football!

Early on Saturday morning we headed out to Taylor's flag football game. It was a chilly morning, and Claire was so adorable. Julia left her in her pajamas since she had to wake her up to go to the game. I just LOVE these pictures of the sleepy girl all bundled up!
 Taylor made a good play, and I snapped a picture...
 Matt was borrowing one of Claire's extra blankets!

During half time the coach sat the boys down and talked to them about breast cancer. He said that one of his good friends lost his wife to breast cancer and that it affects a lot of people. Then he gave them pink wristbands and told them that he didn't care about the score at the end of the game, he just wanted them to play their best, in honor of those affected by breast cancer. Taylor wears that wrist band constantly now!!

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Julia said...

I like those pictures of Claire, too! :-)