Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Fall Break...

 Yep. They're the cutest!
 She's a very sweet girl!!

My favorite boys playing football...with a little GHS football that I caught at a football game when I was in high school, I love that they still use it!

So Mom really wanted a picture of her 3 grandchildren, and I took 19 shots. But Claire wasn't very excited about looking at us or smiling! And Marcus didn't really enjoy sitting still, and I'm pretty sure Taylor got tired of having Claire in his lap. This is the best one I got. We'll have to try again during the holidays!
Peter came running to the kitchen asking for someone to get a camera. I grabbed Julia's and went to take this picture. Taylor was on the phone with his mom and he had laid out across the stairs. He fit perfectly!!
The first picture flashed, and then he glared and me and luckily I caught that too! He immediately got up and went into the room up there.

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