Friday, August 26, 2011

Cagle's Steakhouse

Dad pointed out that the Cagle brand is made of horseshoes!
On one of our first weekends back in Lubbock for our final semester, Dad came to visit! He brought us the couch that Peter gave us and took back the futon that we were borrowing from Marshall and Jennifer. He stayed with us for about a day and a half and we were able to do some fun things together!

Friday night, after unloading and reloading the furniture, we went to Cagle's Steakhouse for dinner. Matt and I had never heard of this place, but we loved it and are so happy to know about it now!! It's on a ranch, and is only a few minutes from our apartment! 
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures inside!
I love this old Raiderland sign!

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