Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Belton: One Year!

 Our sweet baby Belton turned one on Friday at 5:25 PM! As I have been reflecting over the past few days on the last year of our lives, I am overwhelmed with joy, love and gratitude to the Lord. I am so grateful that Dr. McCants followed some inspiration a year ago and saved our son's life. I am grateful to be a mother and have the opportunity to take care of and teach this sweet little spirit. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with Belton and watch him grow on a daily basis.

On his birthday, I tried to go do things that he would enjoy instead of just crossing things of my to do list! So, we went to the park in the morning and Belton had a fun time swinging! He loved it! And the weather was beautiful! 
 After the park and a nap, Daddy came home! He took a half day at work to spend more time with the birthday boy! We went and got Belton's one year pictures taken and then let him play in the play area at the mall. He had a great time running around and exploring there! 
We came home and after another nap Belton got his presents from Mommy and Daddy. He has been having a blast with them ever since! It's so fun to watch him figure out new toys.
Belton is still our great little sleeper! He sleeps about 11 hours at night, from 9 to 8. We re-sleep trained him and ended the nighttime feedings, hooray! It only took a day, sleep training is my friend! He's a pretty good eater. He still loves his baby food and his bottles!
 One Year Stats
Weight: 23 pounds, 5 ounces, 55th percentile
Length: 30.5 inches, 75th percentile
Head: 18.75 inches, 80th percentile
  7 teeth
 This month was a big one for Belton as he learned how to walk and became even more independent! He also is starting to have more and more of his opinions...it's interesting to say the least! He is still our sweet baby, though. A woman asked me today if he is always as happy as he seems. He does really well in public and at friends' houses.
 Belton's favorites right now include: walking and carrying stuff around, playing with trucks, cars and all new toys, bath time, running away from bath time (it's a game), playing with Mommy and Daddy, looking at rabbits and talking to dogs, hearing the spoon clink on the jar (seriously, he giggles with glee EVERYTIME!), reading books, putting his feet up (on tables, ottomans, whatever), laying/rolling around on the floor, drinking water out of a cup (or just playing with the cups), going outside, cuddling and being held, being sung to, listening to music, playing with friends, squealing (usually in the car or at the grocery store), playing patty-cake, clapping whenever anyone says "good job" or "yay", playing "I'm gonna get you" and more!
 I can't believe he's ONE!
 After an early dinner, we took Belton to the aquarium to see the sting rays, turtles and fish!
 It was a fun little outing!
We came home and it was time for a bedtime snack of birthday cake! Belton had a few bites, and luckily I was able to give the rest of it to friends the next day!
We love you so much, sweet Belton! I can't wait to see how much you change and grow in the next year! Although, you're welcome to stay a baby for a little bit longer.

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