Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Heart Walk

Last month (yikes, I'm really behind!) we went to the Dallas Heart Walk because Oncor is a huge sponsor of it makes a big event out of it for the employees and their families. We had a good time! 

We woke Belton up about two hours early to get to the walk, he wasn't exactly his most cheerful self!
 I think he was a little bit dazed by the huge crowds of people, too!
 However, he did really enjoy this dog!!
See what I mean? Most of the walk was SLOW like this. And pretty darn hot, too!
 But we were able to enjoy some great views of Dallas!
 Belton got in a decent nap.
And we made it back to the Oncor building just in time to enjoy a few snacks, see the Mavs Man and hang out with the Weldy's!

It was a fun morning, but next year we might skip the walk unless there is a cold front! Whew!

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