Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Belton: Thirteen (and a half) Months

Life has been pretty crazy around here lately. Between Matt's car accident, breaking his hand, totaling his car, all three of us coming down with stomach viruses, Matt's unexpected hand surgery, and buying a "new" car, Belton's 13 month blog post just never happened! 
Anyway, we sure do love our little guy! His personality is just exploding every day! He loves reading books and often goes over to the baskets of books and says "eh eh eh eh" until someone helps him get them out.
He often brings books over to us so that we'll read them to him. I love that he's a little reader!
  He still has 7 teeth. He naps twice and sleeps from about 9 pm to 8 am. He is completely off of the bottle and formula. But he LOVES his cup of milk and would probably drink milk all day (forget the food!) if I would let him.
I pulled out the camera to take a picture of him and he flashed me that grin!
Belton LOVES going outside! He often goes over to the door and does this while either saying "eh eh eh" (his way of communicating that he want something) or "buh buh" (bye bye). He always points to our neighbor's wreath when we walk outside. He  knows that cars and trucks go "roooom" (vroom), dogs say "ruff" and lions say "roaaar".
He loves looking at himself on the iPad.
He's our little parrot. He repeats lots of words we say to him back to us. This week he said his first two multi-syllable words: elbow and highchair. He has a current fascination with talking about my elbow while I change his diaper!

Books, books more books!
Lately he likes getting in and out of things. Case in point, this basket.
 And this wagon!
He loves making hats out of everything!
And he's still my sweet, cuddly baby boy!
Belton also LOVES Jesus. He looks at pictures of him in books, on the walls, on the walls at church and on his bedside table and says: "Jeez" or "Jeessss" for Jesus.

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