Thursday, November 7, 2013


Halloween was an eventful day in our family this year! 

I was on my way home to meet Matt and take him to Richardson so that we could go trick or treating with his parents and Abbi when I got a text and a call from him that he had been in an accident. He said he was fine, but his car wasn't. I drove past our apartment and on to pick up Matt. 

I'll let him tell you what happened! 
  "I was heading home from work at our Dallas office. I was going north on 35 when trouble occurred. The front-most red rectangle represents a cop car and the black rectangle represents my car. The cop car was responding to another wreck in the shoulder indicated by the two blue rectangles. When the cop hit his breaks to get to the shoulder, he caused the two cars in front of me to hit their breaks. And in turn, I slammed on my breaks, to no avail."
 While we were waiting for everything to be squared away with the tow truck and the car, Matt told me that his left hand was hurting quite a bit. He said he didn't tell the police because he didn't want to deal with an ambulance. We took him to the smallest, weirdest ER ever (accidentally) and got great care from very attentive doctors and nurses. 
As you can see on these x-rays, Matt's hand is broken. Technically, it's a fracture of the left third metacarpal.

While we were at the crash site and the hospital, Belton was VERY concerned about Matt. Obviously, he wanted Matt to pick him up. But even beyond that, when the nurse was taking Matt's blood pressure and the doctor was checking his breathing and his hand, Belton was anxious and trying to get out of my grip to get to Matt. He was so worried about his Daddy and just didn't understand what was going on. He's a sweet boy who was very relieved to finally be in his Daddy's arms again!
At this point, Matt is healing. We are waiting to see how well when we got back to the doctor next week for follow up x-rays. And we're also waiting to hear back about the car. But it's probably going to be a total loss. Anyone selling a reliable, cheap car? :-)

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Lee Hervey said...

So sad for Matt and so sweet of Belton!!
Sorry about it all!!!