Saturday, January 11, 2014

Belton: Fifteen Months

I can't believe this boy is already 15 months old!
Right now, Belton:
Loves outside!
Loves picking up leaves and carrying them to the car every time we leave our apartment.
Says "vroom!" when I tell him we are going to get in the car or when he hears a loud truck/motorcycle go by.
Runs to the front door whenever I start turning the lights off or putting on my shoes, because he knows this means we are going somewhere.
Loves climbing in and out of chairs that are just his size.
Calms down in the car when we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or If You're Happy and You Know It!
LOVES Jesus. He sees pictures of Him in our apartment or at church and always points Him out, saying "Jessus". He loves looking at the pictures when we read Bible and Book of Mormon stories to him and pointing out the pictures of Jesus in those books, too.
LOVES going up stairs, but still hasn't figured out the right way to go down them! 
Puts his head on my shoulder when I ask him to give me a hug. <3
Loves running around and being chased. He giggles nonstop when we do this! Every night we play a game of "I'm gonna get you!" right before bath time. We all have so much fun!
Enjoys listening to music and dancing. He even dances along to the "beat" of the dishwasher running. He dances all the time! 
Hates having his teeth brushed. 
Plays peek-a-boo all the time. He covers his eyes (or just part of his head) with his hands and pulls them away suddenly with a grin. He's thrilled when we say, "there he is!!".
Holds his arms up to you and opens and closes his hands when he wants to be picked up.
Is terrified of the vacuum cleaner- even when it's off.
 Isn't really into eating. He eats a few bites usually, and that's it. 
Doesn't like being touched by anyone, except Mom or Dad. But he'll eventually warm up to you!
Brings us books to read to him all the time. He loves reading!
Plays well by himself for a little while, most days.
Knows lots of animal sounds: cow, dog, cat, bird, fish (goes swish swish), bee, horse and lamb.
Lays down on soft blankets (or sometimes just the floor) all the time. He loves soft things and cuddling! 
Belton is a very effective communicator. He says several words, but most often communicates by getting our attention and then pointing while going "eh eh eh" until we go follow him so he can show us what he wants. 

Words he says: hi, bye bye, mama, dada, highchair, apple, pear, tree, leaf, teeth, cheese, ice, please, water, up, toes, shoes, toys, eyes, jacket, chicken, Pooh-bear and keys.
 He LOVES his milk, too!
Belton's fifteen month appointment was a rough one. He had to have blood taken to check to see if he has a nut allergy because he broke out in hives once, when he had eaten peanut butter. The nurse had to strap him down in this papoose so that he would stay still enough for the blood draw. It was definitely the saddest parenting experience I've had so far! He just cried and cried and cried and cried while he was strapped down. It wasn't so much about the blood draw, just the being strapped down! Poor, sad baby. We haven't gotten the results yet and are crossing our fingers that the hives were just a fluke!!
  Fifteen Month Stats
Weight: 23 pounds, 15 ounces, 45th percentile
Length: 31.25 inches, 50th percentile
Head: 19 inches, 80th percentile
  11 teeth!!
 Belton is our sweet, precious baby and we just feel so very blessed to have him in our family. We sure do love our little guy!!

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