Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Belton has really developed a LOVE for coloring! All. The. Time. Ususally, he spends more time playing with the crayon box that actually coloring. But that's okay!
 We got Belton a toy chest. We love it! I'm so excited that he finally has a good place to keep his toys!
  Belton has really started using a fork. Not that he's great at it, but he enjoys it!
And it motivates him to actually eat! Yay!
 We went to a first birthday party for Belton's friend Ava!
Every morning, every night, and many other times during the day, Belton goes over to these pictures of Jesus and says "Jessusss". It is so sweet. Matt and I hope and pray that Belton always loves Christ as much as he does right now!
He also began folding his arms for prayers. And he folds his arms when he gets in his highchair. I think that it's so sweet that he knows it's time for a blessing on the food!

We sure do love this little guy!