Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Fun-Filled Week!

Last weekend, Matt and I went to a banquet with some of his co-workers! The event was kind of boring, but it was fun to dress up!

Belton in a sweet new outfit from Chrystal and Erik.
This was my view on Sunday afternoon. Sleeping Daddy with a cuddly baby and a pile of toys! 

 Matt's cousin Tate and his wife Jessica have a little girl, Abigail who Belton got to play with this week. Her parents were out of town for Tate to have surgery at MD Anderson, so we went to keep her company.
They gave each other several sweet hugs when we were leaving! (Belton "hugs" by laying his head on you.)
As we walked out the door, Belton and Abigail continued to wave and wave at each other. It was so sweet!
 This little boy really enjoys climbing around on Mommy and Daddy's bed lately!
This is his newest thing: to flip over into the fetal position anytime that we want to change his diaper or get him dressed. It's frustrating and amusing all at the same time!! Crazy baby!
 We went to the Perot Museum with the Weldy's. Belton had a blast running around and exploring!
 And finally, I LOVE walking in the room to this face in the mornings! Some days he puts himself in the far corner of the crib to get away from me. (I guess he just wants to play in there more?) But most days, he jumps around in his crib and shows me his blankets and things before he sweetly asks me to pick him up!
 We love him!

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Allison said...

Just the cutest family EVER!! It is so fun to see pictures of Belton!