Sunday, September 14, 2014

Belton: Twenty-Three Months

Our little boy loves outside and loves "choo-choo" which you can see on his shirt here!
He's also a crazy baby in his crib. Taking limbs out of clothing and putting holes in blankets. (This one has since been tied off- no more blankets with holes big enough to choke him in his bed!
The pants were on him when he went down for the night, and he was excited to show me that they were on the ground when I went in there the next morning!
He's full of wonder and excitement for the world and all of the new things he is learning.

He frequently lines up cars, toys, pretty much anything like this. He always gets a proud look on his face and says "choo-choo"!
Every Sunday, he gets excited to wear a tie to church.
 Once, he fell asleep in my arms. It's hard to believe we used to do this multiple times a day!

 You can't really tell, but he's twisted his shirt around his arm here. Crazy boy!
 In the mornings, the only things he cares about are his blanket and his milk.
 The blanket even joins him in his high chair sometimes!
Belton has been throwing up a lot in the car- so we turned him around to see if it would help. I know, we're rebels, we jumped the gun by about six weeks. Oh well. He was thrilled and giggling like crazy the whole ride the first time he was facing forward.

 He loves his grandparents and cousins!
 And Belton loves to climb and explore and go down slides. He is getting so big!!

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