Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mom & Tot Class

So, I'm trying to get into a routine with Belton where we go do more things. I know he gets bored being in our little apartment all the time! 
Because of this I joined a Mom & Tot class through the city. Well, at least I thought it was a class. Really- it's just a gym where they set out a bunch of toys and the kids have free play time.
 It's fine, Belton definitely had fun! But it wasn't what I was expecting.
  Thankfully, it was only $10 for 8 weeks so I don't really care.
 He liked pushing the lawn mower and playing on the slides!

The tricycles were also a huge hit. Even though his little feet couldn't reach the pedals, so he just pushed off the ground.

He seriously sat here and played with this Little People Farm (with no people or animals) for like ten minutes! He loved it! We need to get more Little People sets- I think Belton would really like them.

 It was a fun morning for Belton!

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