Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tech Game

We went on a fun trip to Lubbock with my parents to go to the Tech vs OU game. It was great to be back. I hadn't been to Lubbock in the three years since we moved to Dallas, so I enjoyed a trip down memory lane!
 What fun to be there with my Dad, another Tech alum!

 Wreck 'Em!
Belton was such a trooper on this trip. He had a high fever for most of the trip. It came down with meds and he would perk up some. And I had taken him to the doctor the night before we left to make sure he was okay to go, despite the fever and illness. But there are pictures (like the one below) where you can tell he didn't feel great.
 Gettin' those guns up!

 We bought him this hoodie on this trip. I love that he discovered the pocket for his hands!
Poor guy fell asleep during the game. (Oh well, we had started losing by then anyway. I'm just glad it was actually a decent game!) The game was during nap time. Combine that with the 102-103 fever and this was kind of inevitable.

 Wreck 'Em Tech!!

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