Sunday, November 16, 2014


After the game, we headed to Cagle's for dinner. There was a LOOOONG wait so Belton and Matt got to play, Dad went in the bar and listened to live music, Mom and I shopped in the gift shop, I took pictures of Belton in the courtyard area and we all enjoyed the rocking chairs. Good thing they have so much to do there besides eat!
I particularly love this picture because I have some just like it from when my dad visited us in Lubbock in 2011!

 My sweet boys!

I love this one of Belton and Grandmom!
The next (cold, wet, soon-to-be icy) morning, we headed to campus and enjoyed the memories! I made get out so that we could take a picture, here where Matt and I met and where he proposed!!
Here we are right after the proposal- five years before the above photo. Same fence behind us. I hope to take many more family snapshots here as our family grows!
 And finally...because what McDonald's play place is complete without a horse to sit on??
 We had a great trip!

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