Saturday, March 7, 2015

Urgent Care

While Chrystal and I were out shopping...Belton dove into his Thomas "tent house" and hit his forehead on the hinge for his closet door. It bled a lot (as head wounds do) and Matt and Erik doctored it up while Belton was screaming.
We, inexperience parents that we are, didn't really know if he needed more treatment or not. But since it was on his forehead and would be a noticeable place for a scar, we decided to play it safe and take him to urgent care and see what they had to say.
 Belton was definitely in pain and sad. But he was okay! They put a numbing cream on it and we waited (smart phone in hand) for 20 minutes for it to work.
Then the doctor came in, poured several different things on his cut and finally put some derma-bond glue on it. Belton screamed through all of that, poor guy. When it was all done- he was saying "GO HOME! ALL DONE!".
He's healing beautifully now and is just fine. But he added some excitement to our weekend!

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