Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Getting Closer....

I have been looking at lots of Christmas cards. I have a few left over from last year, but I want to send Christmas cards to all of our friends and family this year, as I feel like that's something grown-up married folks do! I've already made my list of people to send them to, and included the addresses (from our wedding invite list of course!).  I’ve also been looking for a good deal for these Christmas cards, due to the newlywed budget and all…and I found one! Shutterfly is giving me fifty free holiday cards just for blogging about them! So fun!  

I really love these story cards. I think they're great for an end of the year wrap-up about the happenings in your family! 

I love how they highlight the important months in their lives!

I also love the thank you cards. Those wedding ones would've been great! Too bad I didn't think about that a few months ago! 
These colors would've matched our wedding too...so pretty!
Finally, these Christmas cards are just all WAY too much fun!! I don't know how I'll ever decide!! (but I'll have lots of fun trying to!!)
I love the simplicity of this one. The family picture with the Christmas wish.
Cute how it looks like that little boy decorated the corners, huh? :)

Shutterfly is currently offering 20% off all holiday cards, so if you want some, now's the time! Or, you could do what I did and blog about them to get some free ones!

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