Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jenna Cole is my Favorite!!

Yesterday, we received a package from our wedding photographer, Jenna Cole.

She is fabulous and I am SO glad that we made the decision to go with her as our wedding photographer!! 

I knew she had mailed the package on Saturday, so when I checked the mail yesterday afternoon and saw that we had a package, I wasn't expecting it to be this one already!!

The package in the special mail box that you're
given a key to if you have a package that day.

The open box with the copyright release, sweet card from Jenna,
and the heart pendant she bought me in Poland last month!
It's so pretty and I love it!

That wig you see on the boxes is her logo, and I just love it!
She also gave us some strawberry jam
from the Farmer's Market in Chicago!

That little love tag is from Paloma's Nest and is
one of my absolute favorite parts of the whole thing!

The bigger box was holding the 8x10 that she gave us
for getting a certain number of comments on the blog
post she put up with pictures of our wedding.
I adore this picture of us!!

The smaller box was holding the tin with the DVDs of our wedding
pictures in it. I LOVE how she labeled the tin "Tovar Wedding"!

Also in the package, she included 3 green suckers, (so fun!)
and these way cute blank note cards! I love them so much
it's going to be hard for me to write on them and give them away!
Also, all of the letterpress stationary is absolutely beautiful!! Unfortunately my photography skills are no where near Jenna's so I didn't do a good job of showing it off!

I am absolutely in love with all of it, plus now I can start showing you guys all of our wedding pictures!!! Hooray!! :-)

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Hannah said...

I'm so jealous, haha! She is wonderful and that is too too too fun! What a beautiful package!