Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday- Italica!

On Sunday, our group and the group of Tech kids who are here taking a Spanish class went to the city of Italica.

It is a city of Roman ruins which is in the process of being uncovered. It was very interesting to see the things that they had back in the time of Christ, here in Spain! There is a town on top of part of thie city, and the people there are scared that the government is going to come in and take their homes away, so that the discovering can continue. This summer, some Spanish college students are going to do a dig near where we were.

This is the Roman Coliseum. It is the third largest in the world. It seated 20,000 people at the time, the top layer of seats was knocked down, but it was massive. It's incredible that it has lasted this long, people would fight lions and eachother in the bottom part, from what I understood.

Here I am down in the bottom of the Coliseum.

This is the whole business class with our teacher, Dr. Delgadillo, and his wife, at the bottom of the Coliseum.

One of the tunnels under the seats. This engineering, with the arches and everything, is incredible to me!

The view down the street as you enter the city of ruins.

The theater that was built for 6-8 hour plays, made up of monologues about the actions going on onstage. The man who discovered it was digging for his garage, he lived in a house that was towards the left of the picture. He was digging, and hit part of the theater. Several people were taken out of their homes as the government found out, and now no one in the city requests permits for any type of construction, because they know that they are sitting on top of tons of history.

It was a beautiful place, and it was very neat to see these things that are new discoveries from thousands of years ago.

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Julia said...

Wow, Laura! That is incredible! The theater is amazing! And I love the picture of you down in the Coliseum!! :-)