Friday, May 29, 2009

Torre de Oro and the River

So today we went out to an American resturant for Matt's birthday. He turns 20 on Saturday, but we'll be in Morocco so we decided to celebrate here! It was fun, we bought him a cake and everything.

Happy Birthday Matt!

The whole group at lunch!

Then we all went exploring some more. We walked to the Torre de Oro (Tower of Gold) which is on the river. It was a neat building, but we were hoping to get in and go to the top of it, but it was closed so we couldn't. It was a beautiful walk though. I really haven't seen the river much while we've been here, so it was gorgeous to finally see it!

Me and K'Lann in front of the Torre de Oro

The river!

Some game that is apparently played in the river. At first we thought it was basketball, but then we realized that there aren't hoops on the poles, they are more like soccer goals.

Here in Sevilla, there is a bike rental system. It is really cool, because you just have an account with a company and can rent bikes for however long you want. It's pretty cheap too! There are tons of places throughout the city where you can rent the bikes- we're planning on going and biking down the river one day soon!

Matt and I on the bikes- we're excited!

We all went out tonight to celebrate our midterm grades. I got a 100! I'm thrilled! :)

K'Lann and Me


Julia said...

I like your necklace, Laura! Is it new?

Laura Hervey said...

Thanks! I love it too...but unfortunately it's not new, it's borrowed...from K'Lann. Haha.